Blockchain of Things

We create an easy to adopt platform and connect the physical world with blockchain

What is SmartKey?

The project uses the SmartKey technology, based on the mechanisms and the logics of Blockchain of Things ”BoT”. It is applied for management and material value blockchain access purposes. The project implements the foundations for future economy, based on the idea of reusing existing goods by optimizing the time of their use. is a platform for creating new business models based on the Blockchain of Things technology.

Introduction of a mechanism that is easy to implement: SmartKey Plug and Play (device + application), car and user registration on the blockchain, choice of the form of sharing (private – free, commercial – paid), economic (cost) and organizational optimization (one car can be used by many people).

SmartKey project, presentation at the Mercedes-Benz headquarters

Presentation of MVP SmartKey, Blockchain of Things technology.

Opening the car using the SmartKey, BoT technology (Blockchain of Things)

The operation of the system is presented by Gleb Sychev, head of the Waves Marketing department.

Presentation of the SmartKey solution for the project partner KIA corporation.

Sharing economy in practice. Transprt as a Service. Kia cars available for testing.

English subtitles

Project presentation for the KOREA community.

Presentation of the Smart Key system, values and possibilities for private individuals (families) who buy a KIA car with the system.

Korean Subtitles

BlockchainCars is the first system in SmartKey technology! is the first component (platform) using SmartKey technology designed for car users: organizations, individuals and companies. The logics, the functions and the mode of providing system services have been designed in a way to manage vehicle access with the use of programmable keys, saved and transferred via blockchain, enabling Crypto Value payment and commission settlement. New business models: Functional logics allows the use of technology for the purposes of creating own projects similar to UBER, CarSharing, or any material value management based on the resources registered in the system.

The global problem

What seems to be a problem is that it is often impossible for both companies and private car owners to make a car available to many potential users who could share it. It primarily concerns companies that do not rent cars, but possess, nevertheless, many vehicles driven by their employees exclusively. If not driven, the cars remain ‚idle’ and generate additional costs. The solution we present leads to optimising the maintainance cost of the vehicles.

Also, it makes it possible for the employees to use the cars after work (and to pay the employer for that). Similarly, our solution, which is (a part of the Blockchain of Things concept) would make the cars available to other companies and people as well. Thus, the project involves the optimising of the market resources (such as cars, for instance) in the innovative economy of the 21st century, i.e. Sharing Economy.

Report: Rethinking Transportation 2020-2030: The Disruption of Transportation and the Collapse of the Internal-Combustion Vehicle and Oil Industries. It indicates a market trend that changes the approach to cars from ownership to usage. In 2025, every 5th car registered in the US will be a car destined to rent for hours, days and so on.

Our solution:
Car as a service, access on time!

The use of resources already available on the market (passenger cars, transport vehicles and others), companies, organizations, individuals resources in a new business model based on Sharing Economy thanks to the complete Plug and Play service.

Economic model:
The value of the solution for users and the market

The platform users can use four basic programmable, functional models:

HUB Private

Cars usage by many people, access management for household members, family and friends. Project in development for KIA.

HUB Access

A tool for corporations and organizations for internal use, e.g. cars of sales representatives, UBER drivers. Key management (access) and optimization within companies.

HUB Company

Generating activity on the platform, the ability to create an offer. A tool designed to provide company resources (car fleets for individuals, organization, freedom in shaping the form of access: paid, free.)

HUB Partner

A tool for closed groups only between partners managing a shared set of vehicles.

The Value

It is a platform connecting its users and the companies, providing an opportunity to create new economic projects and service delivery models, and enabling resource optimization.

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