Cooperation and support

Meet our Partners


Kia Motors

Smart Key has been implemented in their vehicles in order to demonstrate new possibilities of secure key management. Kia private – a solution designed for KIA car users to replace physical keys with digital keys available for more users. Kia is a key partner building trust in technology.



One of the three largest suppliers of GPS/GSM vehicle devices in the world. 10 million pieces of equipment have been sold so far. Element of the market entry strategy. Partner’s, whose devices have been already present in millions of cars, solution application. Together, we create the SmartKey API for devices.


Oasis Bloc

One of the fastest growing blockchain ecosystems in Korea. The partner’s task is to support the SmartKey platform in acquiring technology and business partners in South Korea for the implementation of the solution.



Blockchain ecosystem. The second fastest growing developer ecosystem in the world. Waves technology allows fast and cheap transactions. Waves dex mechanism for settling SmartKey token vs BTC, ETH (for major currencies). Gravity Hub functionality for collaboration between different blockchains.