PRE_IEO investment

Pre-IEO will be available for only 1 Round!

In the Pre-IEO phase an amount of 2,000,000 PreSmartKey will be offer to sale at a price of 0.12 USD. It will be available only on Waves Exchange Through PreSmartKey/USDN pair. On Probit, the fastest Growing Exchange in South Korea. SmartKey will be available for sale at a price of 0,20 USD. The market price is 0.25 USD.
During the Main IEO we guarantee the Exchange of PreSmartkey to Smartkey in a rate of 1:1.
Appropriation of funds:
1. Marketing for IEO Rounds.
2. Conferences (SmartKey live presentation for Investors and community)
- April 2020 - London,
- May 2020 - Moscow,
- June 2020 (IEO opening) - Seoul.
3. KIA, 100 cars in the BoT SmartKey system.


PreSmartKey token available on Waves Exchange

Pre_IEO round is a guarantee of replacing PreSmartKey with SmartKey. The contract guarantees exchange. The agreement contains technical information such as: PreSmartKey token ID or SmartKey ID token. You can confirm information using the Waves Explorer tool (link below). PreSmartKey (smart token) is blocked for exchange. The exchanges will take place on 31.07.2020 (one day before launching the listing).
Read the contract before investing, check the SmartKey Token ID for your security.
We start in April 2020

Documents to download

White Paper 0.9 - Full Version

We present the first project that uses SmartKey technology. I show the logical model of platform design, business model, market value, strategy for building value and partners - their roles in the project.

White Paper 0.9 - Short Version

A short presentation of the project, only 5 pages that sum up the project: value, investment risks, project goal, strategy of building the value of SmartKey technology - blockchain of things.

Crowdfunding effects

Implementing the solution in a minimum of 5 commercial HUBs (company services) that will be on the list of available resources in the BCC application. The target number is 10 commercial HUBs in 2021.

A platform with an open system API to connect other applications using SmartKey technology. Implementation of the solution in KIA cars.

Application available for download from Google Play and AppStore.

The minimum number of platform users - 20,000

Recognition of SmartKey (BoT) and Blockchaincars - the first dedicated solution among 1 million people. Building media coverage and brand value.

A set of promotional and marketing activities for the purpose of presenting project value.

Actively participated in conferences, prenting solutions at major industry events.

SmartKey Incubator: support for 5 projects - global Starups that will use SmartKey technology to create separately available mechanisms for its use.

The effect of project support is a minimum of 5 additional applications in supermarkets.

Opening of the company's representative to support target markets in Seoul, London, Berlin in 2021.

Meet our Partners



Smart Key has been implemented in their vehicles in order to demonstrate new possibilities of secure key management. Kia private - a solution designed for KIA car users to replace physical keys with digital keys available for more users. Kia is a key partner building trust in technology.



One of the three largest suppliers of GPS/GSM vehicle devices in the world. 10 million pieces of equipment have been sold so far. Element of the market entry strategy. Partner’s, whose devices have been already present in millions of cars, solution application. Together, we create the SmartKey API for devices.



IEO will be conducted on Probit the fast-Growing Crypto Exchange in South Korea. Avg. Daily Volume 32-45M USD secure liquidity. SmartKey listing on Probit will follow IEO, Probit also available Trade of waves Blockchain, Securing a strong Partnership.


Waves Exchange

Decentralised Exchange ecosystem, provides secure operations of value exchange as an alternative to the traditional market. Operational spread is minimal. Possibility to provide OTC transactions for buying and selling tokens.


Oasis Bloc

One of the fastest growing blockchain ecosystems in Korea. The partner's task is to support the SmartKey platform in acquiring technology and business partners in South Korea for the implementation of the solution.



Blockchain ecosystem. The second fastest growing developer ecosystem in the world. Waves technology allows fast and cheap transactions. Waves dex mechanism for settling SmartKey token vs BTC, ETH (for major currencies). Gravity Hub functionality for collaboration between different blockchains.


04 / 2020
PRE_IEO round. Sales only available on the waves exchange. Sales of 3% harvest (2% PRE_IEO) 1% in private sales.
04-05 / 2020
Marketing for IEO. Conferences (SmartKey live presentation): April 2020 – London, May 2020 Moscow, June 2020 (IEO opening) Seoul. KIA - 100 cars in the BoT SmartKey system.
06 / 2020
Crowdfunding start. Public Offering (ICO/IEO). Seoul, opening conference.
07 / 2020
Closing of the collection (July 31) and starting indexing on cryptovalue exchanges from August 01.
08 / 2020
Launch of the Alpha version of the Blockchain Cars application - the first component of the SmartKey platform.
10 / 2020
Publication of the first report on the company's operations after the first stage of financing.
01 / 2020
SmartKey Startup incubator. Support of 5 projects that will build a technology solution commercially available on a smartkey basis
06 / 2021
Launching the platform for other physical values mainly in the area of hotel services (AirBnB).
09 / 2021
Achieving an amount of 20k system users (top 50 MarketCap).