Blockchain of ThingsSmart Key solution

We have created an easy to adopt platform that connects the physical world with blockchain.

Our value - technical and business competences of the founders

Aviation industry

Implementation of blockchain in MRO: Maintenance, Repair and Operations.


Public charging system with secure payments. System with open API.

Car sharing

Secure car access, secure payment and public transport integration.

Our mission

Our mission is to optimize the time of using cars by sharing their this time with other drivers. We are building a simple and easy to implement service for everyone in the entire world. We offer much more than Uber who has changed the existing ways of car usage.

An easy-to-use platform that connects the physical world with blockchain.

Eight months of tests, improvements and changes

How did we create the project? Together with a group of friends we wanted to buy a fun car „Mustang GT” and share its time of usege and settle costs. They created a system in the form of an application connected with blockchain Waves and a device in the car (wallet) for billing, reservation and transferring access to the car in proportion to the payment. The effect surprised us, currently the Hub has 5 fun cars and 80 members. After the success, we decided to create a better product and present it to the market. The effect is this project developed by an experienced team. Effect: first working hub in the BCC system, over 80 members.

Blockchaincars Smart Key


Road map

2019 / 03-05

Presentation of the project, researching expectations, partnership:

  • A series of presentations, among others in London, Berlin and Moscow.
  • The effect: establishing cooperation with key partners.
  • A list of 20 partners interested in the solution and VC.
2019 / 06-07

A key technology partner:

  • Presentation of the BoT solution, SmarKey solution in Moscow for the team of Waves.
  • Technical support of the Waves team and invitation to TOA19 Berlin.
  • Effect: Platform with an innovative SmarKey solution.
2019 / 08

Creation of the final version of the solution together with the technology partner.

2019 / 09

Testing the service provision and settlement system.

2019 / 09

Business model of offering the platform.

2019 / 10-11

Investment audit, offer for Private selling. Investment meetings.

2020 / 01

Implementation of the sales strategy for the solution: Hub Moscow, London.

If you have an idea for implementation or you want to participate in the project, contact us!

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