Blockchain of ThingsSmart Key solution

We have created an easy to adopt platform that connects the physical world with blockchain.

Our value - technical and business competences of the founders

Aviation industry

Implementation of blockchain in MRO: Maintenance, Repair and Operations.


Public charging system with secure payments. System with open API.

Car sharing

Secure car access, secure payment and public transport integration.

Our partners


One of the three largest suppliers of GPS/GSM devices in the world for installation in vehicles. 10 million pieces of equipment sold.


Smart Key implementation in their vehicles to demonstrate new possibilities of secured key managment.


Car sharing company in Poland. The first HUB who wants to offer their services in the BCC application.

Our mission

Our mission is to optimize the time of using cars by sharing their this time with other drivers. We are building a simple and easy to implement service for everyone in the entire world. We offer much more than Uber who has changed the existing ways of car usage.

An easy-to-use platform that connects the physical world with blockchain.

Eight months of tests, improvements and changes

How did we create the project? Together with a group of friends we wanted to buy a fun car „Mustang GT” and share its time of usege and settle costs. They created a system in the form of an application connected with blockchain Waves and a device in the car (wallet) for billing, reservation and transferring access to the car in proportion to the payment. The effect surprised us, currently the Hub has 5 fun cars and 80 members. After the success, we decided to create a better product and present it to the market. The effect is this project developed by an experienced team. Effect: first working hub in the BCC system, over 80 members.

Blockchaincars Smart Key


Road map

Beginning of the road


The concept of the BCC project.


The first MVP operating in the form of simple car access using tokens.


The beginning of our story, launch of the test HUB (3 cars, 19 users).


The idea of creating a larger project, analyzing the market opportunities, implementations and acquiring partnerships.


The first public presentation of the project at Mercedes headquarters in Poland. System implementation test on Mercedes cars.


Waves invitation to the presentation of the blockchaincars system in London.


Presentation of the system in Moscow for Waves programming teams. The award and support of Waves Lab in developing a new programmable token with time value and key to devices.


Presentation of the project with the Waves team in Berlin during TOA19.


Creation of a complete MVP – a working SmartKey system dedicated to cars, the foundation for project development.


KIA Poland support and partnership (the solution testing on Kia cars).

The greatest achievement: contract with TelTonika – the largest provider of advanced solutions for GSM-GPS systems. The agreement gives the opportunity to install the dAPP-API of the SmartKey system in over 20 million sold and installed partner devices.

Milestones of round I/II


Crowdfunding start.


Continuous activities to acquire platform partners in the CarSharing area.


Publication of the first report on the company’s operations after the first stage of financing.


II stage of project financing.


Launch of the target version of the SmartKey platform for the community.


Launch of listing on other indexes. Predicting listings on 2-3 platforms for aggregation of liquidity of an asset.


Launching the platform for other physical values mainly in the area of hotel services (AirBnB).


Achieving an amount of 1 million system users (top 20 MarketCap).

Our team


22 years of technology and management experience. Bussiness leadership in different categories. Starting with telemetrics in automotive branche. Smart Home and Smart City & Smart Greeds experience in large energy distribution systems. Running the companies over 50 people teams. Working with the biggest companies in CEE region such as Orange Telecom and KIA Automotive.


20 years experience in business growth and management. Business owner since years. Leading technology projects for maintenance MRO, aviation industry. IT solutions on blockchain, creating the first blockchain solution for aviation for LineTech (5th biggest company in Europe).


10+ years experience in business, marketing and advertising industy in international digital environment. Responsible for sales & business strategy in the fastest growing startups in Europe.Working in blockchain space since 3 years, building visibility for internationl projects.


Full stack developer and team leader with 12+ years of ecperience. Creator of many projects in the aviation, pharmaceutical and logistics industries. Responsible for the first implementation of blockchain technology in public administration in Poland. 6+ years experience in the role of CTO in IT lab.


Full stack developer with 7 years of experience. Took part in the creation of many systems and maintenance them. Specialize in RoR, PHP, React.


Full stack developer with over 4 years of experience. Co-creator of multiple web applications and APIs for accounting, aviation and trading. Specializes in Ruby on Rails and C#.


A developer of mobile applications focused mainly on Android with experience in Java and React Native programming. Very interested in mobile technology. Enthusiast of IoT solutions.


Backend developer, primarily interested in Linux operating systems and blockchain architecture. Developer of server side solutions.


Frontend developer interested in blockchain architecture. Developer of client side applications, mainly React apps with modern design.


Frontend developer with 12 years of experience. Specializing in web.

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